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We take on the hard tasks that many other companies balk at. We invent from the ground up, working to bring you the best call center software solutions to the toughest challenges, resulting in world-class, best-of-breed call center software.

With this blog, we aim to educate, illuminate and also challenge the call center industry. Expect us to talk about call center technology, but technology is just a means to an end. What matters ultimately is the quality of the service that technology can provide for customers. So expect the blog to be wide-ranging. And expect us to shed new light on received call center industry wisdom.

You may not agree with everything we say. Great! Informed debate lies at the heart of innovation. So feel free to give us your feedback and if you argue your case well, we may post your ideas on the blog.


Video calling is here

December, 2017

WebRTC makes it possible for customers to communicate with contact centers with video calls and younger generations are making it become the norm. Video calling is here to stay!

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Combating the decline in answered calls

November, 2017

Organizations are starting to utilize social media to identify prospects and target them with specific messages using different media types.

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The changing face of Customer Service

October, 2017

Websites are the shop windows for most companies. Chatbots, AI and WebRTC allow customers to develop a good relationship with organizations on their terms. No phones, IP or telephony circuits to worry about. Just browsers talking to browsers, on smartphones and/or PCs.

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How Sytel approaches development

September, 2017

Constant improvement and innovation is a necessary way of life in our industry. Find out how Sytel approaches development.

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The evolution of the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

August, 2017

With the varied mix of voice, digital and video sessions between agents and customers, we say goodbye to the ACD and hello to the Automatic Session Distributor (ASD®).

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How do you cope when everyone calls at the same time?

July, 2017

Avoid giving customers a poor experience, provide them with a soft landing and alternative ways to communicate with you.

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Will robots take over?

June, 2017

Can AI handle everything? Or, are there some instances where only a human will do?

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Video calling; the ultimate trust-builder

May, 2017

Showing your face can be a great way to build trust. However, there are some key points to take into consideration before you start.

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Video calling

April, 2017

Video calling is definitely coming. The technological challenges and cultural barriers are disappearing and the benefits are already being seen.

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The changing shape of the contact center supply chain

March, 2017

Things have changed considerably with contact center technology. As a result, the way in which procurement is carried out also needs to change in order to make the right choice of suppliers.

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Apps vs Chat Bots

February, 2017

As apps become more sophisticated so do some of their negative points. Whereas Chat Bots are becoming more important for contact centers.

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All about regulation

January, 2017

As regulators scratch their heads as how to prevent abuse and establish markets that work for both consumers and businesses, there are three clear lessons that history shows.

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Managing emails within your contact center

December, 2016

Email may not be new or exciting but customers like it and use it heavily, so make sure it is given the priority it deserves.

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The rise of the machines

November, 2016

What is the future for contact center agents? Will they become redundant? Hardly! If anything, the contact center agent will have a more important role than ever before.

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5 tips for great Chat Reporting

October, 2016

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it - these 5 tips on chat reporting will help to deliver useful measurements.

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I fought to keep my dialer - thank goodness I failed!

September, 2016

This month we welcome a guest contribution from an experienced telecoms manager, who has worked with several different predictive dialers.

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In defense of IVR

August, 2016

Badly designed IVR call flows give IVR a bad rap. We put forward a defense.

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5 key points to get right in reporting

July, 2016

Contact centers are awash with data. Here is our take on some fundamental points on how best to manage that data.

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Considerations in the cloud

June, 2016

The cloud has created a revolution in the way applications are provided to businesses both large and small.

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Use of dialers around the world

May, 2016

On a recent world tour we had a chance to see how different countries have been coping with changing trends.

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